Posted on: 24 February, 2020

Author: Eduard

Business Name: Giardino Strings Mailing Address: [email protected] Business Address/zip code: Palgrave House, Fleet Road, London, NW£ 2QJ Phone number: +44 7958 712915 Website Address: There is only one place to go if you ever need an over the top performance by a string quartet in London – Giardino Strings. This music booking agency is transforming the classical music performance industry, one event at a time. If you suddenly find that you need an electric violinist for a wedding, a harpist for hire, or a Bollywood string quartet in London, this is the best place to go. They promise a most special, relaxing and stylish experience courtesy of their talented performers who will stop at nothing to deliver a memorable experience. What sets the Giardino Strings apart if the fact that their string players have immense talent, having come from UK’s top conservatoires. In order to have a team that can put together the best renditions of your favourite hits, this agency sets really high standards for string players who are part of their team. The harpists have awards attached to their names and have really impressive repertoires and awards attached to their names. You will appreciate the professionalism they exhibit when they come for the events, always on time, delivering way beyond what you asked and keeping the whole performance hitch-free and fuss-free. Giardino Strings is hardly new in the music booking agency field. In fact, their experience spans over 18 years and their performers have so far performed in over 4,000 events. Despite being veterans in a highly dynamic and competitive industry, they continue to upgrade and update their services to be as diverse and inclusive as it can ever be. Their players go through extensive training to bring that intricate sophistication to any event that they have been invited to play. Above all else, their performers play from a place of passion and love for music, which makes their delivery more authentic and relatable. The head of communications at Giardino Strings relates their prowess to their flexibility, talent, and love for music, “When we go out to perform in an event, our priority is taking the clients’ needs and requirements at heart. We put ourselves in their shoes and deliver just the way we would like other people do deliver if it were us. We do not just go in from a place of talent, we go in from a place of passion. Music is a universal language that can bring together people of different cultures and backgrounds. If you are passionate enough you find it easy to segue from a Bollywood wedding with our Bollywood string quartet to a Jewish wedding band.” Their previous clients have applauded them as the best string quartet in London, the best place to go for a harpist for hire or an electric violinist for weddings. Regardless of the nature of the event – a birthday, a wedding, a corporate event that needs to have an air of sophistication or a proposal – no matter how ambitious, Giardino Strings has already built a reputation of delivering as per the needs of all their clients. Source: Free Articles from A guy who loves writing about Immigration, health, music, life and various useful things!