Posted on: 28 October, 2020

Author: Sandra Moraes

Explainer videos are narratives that tell you the story of a company and helps a business to effectively express their value proposition only possible by choosing the right Explainer video company. Do you know that humans process visual content 600,000 times quicker than the text? Not everyone read the whole textual content of a website and to the surprise, a user reads about 20% of the textual content of a website. So where is the rest 80%? Yes. You guessed it right! Visual content remains in our mind- about 80% of what we see remains and only 20% of what we read stays on our head.   That's why we fail to recall what we've read two days before. Online buyers comprising about 90% buying a product regard videos as useful to take a decision.  It’s 50 times easier to make a video rank on Google's first page than other contents. With you, there are only a few seconds to captivate your audience.  You have no assurance that the user will view the video to the full and are compelled enough for call-to-action?  But if you are someone who has stumbled on your path, unable to know where you should begin, then it's alright.  We are going to lead you a roller-coaster ride through the techniques by which you can create a highly converting explainer video and picking up the right Explainer video production company.    Enchant Them From The Beginning.    Do you feel like the viewers are not watching the whole video? The whole motive of making a video is to captivate the viewers until the very last second of the video.  The same case is with listening to a song. You find a new song, and after listening for less than 30 seconds you will either be addicted to or disappointed with the song. The songs that won your heart will stay for a maddeningly lengthy-time period.  Let's say if you are up with some creative ideas that evoke interest, captivates, then never turn back. Your audience will never expect something which is unexpected and will love it outrightly. The knack is, captivate your audience from the first second.  An impressive video content comprises of elements that produce a value proposition and a curiosity gap.  What compels the viewer to snap on the video is the curiosity gap. At the same time, a value proposition establishes that the user will get some reward by doing so. Just like you watch a youtube video and you feel bored and suddenly you happen to see an attractive video just below that belongs to a genre that you like, then you will click it for sure.  Similarly, if you failed to make an impact and tie a knot in the mind of your viewer, then you just end there. No hope left.    Unfold A Story And Hurl It To Them.    You realise the relevance of a creative brief and a script that is written professionally, but realising what to write for is a challenge. What if you narrate a story?  Nothing is more interesting to listen to a story. We are accustomed to listening to stories narrated by our forefathers and also during our entire life. Research your possible audience and understand what will appeal to them. Take your time to learn the buyer personas of your brand.  If you are running out of ideas on how to use your products to draw the attention of your customers, then never lose hope. Great stories can take any shape. When you frame your story, then don't ever try to give too much narration for it.  Convey your concept with more visuals, and remember that visual content is more effective than any other content. Realise that just like pen is mightier than the sword, stories sell. Telling them a good story is far better than telling them what's special about you.    Great Explainer Videos Never Beg Attention   Take as much time in order to come forth with the best explainer video. As you know, great things take time. Also, great ideas don't ask for attention. If you are running short of time, then stop making videos right there. And, if you are motivated enough to come forth with the best idea and utilise the time and money for making compelling videos, then bring in someone who has enough of repute and experience, since they are experts who research on your products.    Let It Be Short And Simple.   For example, some users searching for a cooking video will look for a video with less duration.  An explainer video should be two things- Short and Simple. But who watches a video with long duration. A video with more than two minutes has less probability of being tapped by the user. In a matter of seconds, convey the message. It's easy for both you and your user since the video is less time consuming, then realise that you don’t have to express everything at once.   Make use of the traditional story format which is "beginning, middle and end,'' giving a lot of information clearly and in short-brief but comprehensive. But remember to cling to the message that you have planned in your creative brief.  Say what you need to say- the main point beforehand in order to make sure that the viewer gets the essence of what you are trying to convey since many people are not ready to watch the video till the end.  There is nothing like an ideal method for the perfect duration of a marketing explainer video. Just intend for the minimum time you can spend for optimal viewer engagement.   Invoke Call To Action   Companies believe that their audience is familiar with what action they want them to initiate. Without making them realise what kind of action they want to take, they won't get the desired action, even though explainer videos guide them to make the right decision.  There is no equally produced CTA. All you have to do is to fix one that suits the content, the target consumer, and the action you want them to take.  For instance, an app called Madfliers, that focuses on creating and distributing fliers to the consumers with extra benefits to the consumers, the CTA at the end is "Get a free trial on Advertising." Some of the most common CTAs you can't help, but a click is-     Settle On The Best Explainer Video Company   The first thing you might end up doing is to open Google and search on it- Top Explainer video company. Then it will list thousands of search results that are hard to choose from.  And you will realise that it's no easy task to sort out the appropriate Explainer video company.  Also, you have no idea how the production houses perform and among the countless companies that topped the search results, there are companies that failed to win the game.  There are variations for each company turn up with their own pricing, their own portfolio and their own unique website.  Looking for the apt Explainer video company is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. No doubt, it is a challenging task. But if you change your perspective and realise what you are looking for, then it's easy for you to land upon the right Explainer video company.  Go for an Explainer video company that suits your budget. You have to formulate the right budget in your mind before approaching a production company.  Keep in mind that you are offering money for something that requires a lot of time to finish, and this costs you a lot of money. When you hesitate to spend money, then it will show in the video too.  Experience matters. Land on a company with a lot of experience in the field. Even though there are newbies who come up with mind-blowing works, picking an Explainer video company with a great deal of experience is always the best, just like we go for experienced things, rather than risking for new things.  If it takes a lot of time to come up with great explainer video, then you can rest assured that the video will be mind-blowing.  With years of experience, they will know what strategy to choose, making a compelling story, assured streamlining of the production process. This makes it a pleasing and smooth process. Research on the company. It tells you a lot of things and gives you an idea of where the company stands. Check for their clients and see if you have heard of them before.  But if an Explainer video company has taken great effort for making an explainer video such, they will probably charge more for the videos that they make. This implies that they are successful in making enthralling explainers which attracts a staunch clientele worldwide.  Keep your eyes open and look for Explainer video company feedbacks and testimonials that you have opted for. If they've got tremendous positive responses, and testimonials from satisfied clients, then just go for it. After all, you need to make it a success.   Contact Symphony Events Sydney for the best wedding decoration services. We also offer:           Source: Free Articles from Samantha Jain Experienced Content Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Cat Entertainments, media production industry. 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